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MD MorrisM. D. Morris

Margaret Morris was born in Danville, Virginia, one of twins, and moved to Aberdeen, NC at an early age, where she and her twin grew up among the long-needle pines. As an adolescent, she spent hours on horseback exploring the surrounding forests, during which time, the story of Ajlek blossomed inside her head.

Her family moved to Wilson, NC during her high school years, where she met the man she would marry. After graduating from East Carolina University with a degree in music in 1965, she moved with her husband, a NASA Engineer, to the Hampton Roads area of Virginia to teach music in the public schools. Currently, they live in Yorktown, VA

Together, she and her husband raised two children and several dogs. They became interested in bicycling and toured with their children around Virginia and North Carolina, completing the 659 mile Virginia Loop in sixteen days with their children, ages 9 and 10 years old at the time. They were also instrumental in starting a Montessori school in the area.

After leaving the classroom as a music teacher, Margaret worked as the school division's webmaster before retiring in 2006. She continues to write, and her next novel, Kahyani, the second of the Ajlek trilogy, will be published in early summer, 2016. A third and final book, "Mjoika" will complete the Ajlek trilogy.

In addition to writing, Margaret still enjoys music and is an avid photographer. She currently paints portraits in oils and has had paintings accepted into juried art shows, where she has received recognition for her work.