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Kahyani Cover

Kahyani: Published in 2017

The continuation of the epic story of Ajlek, which began with, Ajlek: The Ajnastazzi of Weyland, a book described by Kirkus Reviews as “A sprawling, substantial tale for fans of grounded, emotional fantasy.”

After six years of peaceful relations with the people of civilization, trouble starts again. At first, it seems to be little more than random thrill-seekers climbing into Dajhanin territory to create mischief. Ajlek soon discovers that the problem goes far deeper than that. The trail leads all way to the highest levels of the civilized government and involves people capable of ordering an all-out attack on the Dajhanin.

To stop what’s happening, Ajlek must go against the wishes of the Dajhanin and travel to the heart of the nation’s capital where he’s most vulnerable, and where, if things go wrong, he could disappear forever.

Author's Note: IN Ajlek: The Ajnastazzi of Weyland, we had to get to know Ajlek. In Kahyani we get to know the Dajhanin. In the third and last book, Mjoika, the Dajhanin must find a solution to the age-old problem: Can they co-exist with the people of civilization. Or more importantly, can the people of civilization co-exist with them, knowing what the Dajhanin can do with their minds?


Ajlek and Kahyani are available at Amazon, Lulu, B & N, and Apple's iBooks.


Mjoika, Book 3 in the Ajlek trilogy, coming soon.
                          - M. D. Morris